Team Captain FAQs


Q: Why are more riders & teams needed?

A: Mamma Jamma Ride's (MJR) success is dependent on hosting over 400 riders. More participants lead to more donations which allow our beneficiaries to offer more services. Three people are diagnosed with breast cancer in Central Texas every day. The funds MJR raise is to make sure every one of them has access to the care and support they need to be survivors.

Q: What if I’m not a cyclist or am not able to ride on September 22nd?

A: All riders are fundraisers - but not all fundraisers are riders! If you aren’t riding and want to join the MJR community in supporting our beneficiaries, you can register as a virtual rider and invite everyone you know to make-a-donation. Or you can donate to another rider via monthly recurring payments or a one-time payment.  

Q: When should I register and start fundraising?  

A: As soon as you can! MJR has an annual operating cycle/budge and donations coming in year-round allows us to offer more programs throughout the year such as off-season rides, social events, and fundraising events which in turn help provide a bigger beneficiary donation at the end of the year. 

Q: How much does the ride cost and how much money does each rider need to raise?

A: Riders pay a nominal $35 registration fee, then raise funds to meet (and hopefully exceed) minimum fundraising levels. To be eligible to ride on Ride Day, riders must raise a minimum of $300; and adult students, $150. Children register for $50 and fundraising is optional.

Q: Why is there a minimum fundraising bar of $300?

A: MJR’s objective is to provide our beneficiaries with donations that help them grow the services they offer to Central Texas individuals and their families affected by breast cancer. If you compare the MJR minimum to other fundraising rides, or if you consider raising money annually, it’s actually not very high. For example, if you were to opt into the recurring payment option, $30/month starting in January will allow you to reach the $300 minimum. Everything else is icing on the cake to help those in need.

Q: I’m not comfortable asking friends and family for donations. How can you help me?

A: Yes. First, you’d be surprised how many friends and family will support your cause! Also, you can find fundraising tips on our website. 

Q: Where do the donations go?

A: What’s raised here, stays here! Funds raised through the Texas Mamma Jamma Ride support local organizations that help Central Texans facing breast cancer by providing a comprehensive range of programs and services. By being part of the Mamma Jamma Ride, you help every one of these organizations with each gift.  

A: Beneficiaries include: Breast Cancer Resource Center, Community Action of Central Texas, Susan G. Komen Austin, Seton Healthcare Family, Team Survivor, WINGS, Wonders & Worries, and Sustainable Food Center.

Q: Do you have specific examples as to how the 8 beneficiaries use the donations?

A: Some examples include: The Sustainable Food Center’s free “Cooking after Cancer” class. Team Survivor offers free exercise program to help survivors get active. The Breast Cancer Resource Center offers a “newly diagnosed” group session. WINGS offers financial assistance throughout a patients journey. Wonders & Worries provides assistance to the children of parents are going through cancer. Community Action & Seton provide funding for Screening Mammograms and Diagnostic Mammograms. Susan G. Komen provides grants that allow critical breast health services to be accessible to uninsured and underinsured women and men.

Q: Why is on-going volunteer support needed?

A: In addition to volunteers needed for Sept 22nd MJR ride, there are many needs throughout the year as 95% of MJR is operated by volunteers. Areas include help developing integrated marketing assets such as video, social media, website, etc. In addition, all of our training ride guides are volunteers and it’s imperative we offer the same year on year capability plus grow our training ride footprint and offer even more beginner coaching.

Q: Can I follow MJR on social media?

A: Absolutely. Our social media channels are:

Q: When is the Mamma Jamma Ride in Martindale, TX?

A: Our 10th-anniversary ride is September 22, 2018

Q: How can MJR help me prepare for the ride?

A: We provide fully supported training rides starting June 9th, as well as, monthly beginner clinics. Please check the website for the most up to date training ride schedule.