Three people are diagnosed with breast cancer in Central Texas every day. We raise funds to make sure every one of them has access to the care and support they need to be survivors.

Riders pay a nominal $35 registration fee, then raise funds to meet (and exceed) minimum fundraising levels. To be eligible to ride on Ride Day, riders must raise a minimum of $300; and adult students, $150. Children register for $50 and fundraising is optional.

All riders are fundraisers - but not all fundraisers are riders! If you aren’t riding and want to support our beneficiaries, register as a virtual rider and invite everyone you know to make a donation.

Win prizes for your fundraising efforts including an exclusive "top fundraiser" jersey, cool limited edition t-shirts and swag, access to the Big Wig Lounge where you will be pampered on ride day! Mamma Jamma Big Wigs raise $1,000 or more and have access to exclusive benefits on ride day.