Danny Wynn: Rider Profile

Motivation is what drives people. For supporters of the Texas Mamma Jamma Ride, motivation comes from knowing that every second they spend coming up with donations or riding helps those who are dealing with breast cancer. For Danny Wynn, the loss of his mother to breast cancer and a small push forward by his wife motivated him to get on the journey that he is on today. Whether it be fighting fires, fighting for his own personal health, or fighting for his family, nothing changes the fact that he is always fighting to help save lives.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I have been working for the Austin Fire Department for 18 years. I am currently assigned to the dispatch division. I was on operations, meaning I was on a firetruck fighting fires for 10 years and have been in dispatch for the last 8 years. My free time is spent getting in shape and spending time with my family. I have spent quite a bit of time coaching my kids in whatever sport they participate in. My daughter, Kara, is 13 years old. She plays volleyball with the Magic Volleyball club and her middle school team. My son is 8 years old and plays every sport, but right now he is focusing on flag football and basketball. Carla is my beautiful wife of 17 years. She works in Human Resources and has been working for Apple for over 3 years.

Why do you ride?

I originally started riding with Texas Mamma Jamma because my mother (Rene Colvin) passed away from breast cancer on August 22, 2017. I'm not sure where my wife heard about this organization, but she suggested I ride for my mother since I had just started getting into riding a couple months before she passed. It meant a lot to me to train to ride in this event and to raise money as well. I also really enjoyed the connection I had with the organizers of this event and the people I met on ride day. I have been super impressed with the ride organization and how organized they are as well as the passion and commitment I see demonstrated when I interact with people familiar with this event. I have spoken highly of this organization and just today may have picked up two more people who will ride in the next event because of my kind words and kudos.

How do you prepare for the ride?

My training routine has increased since last year. Last year, I was a beginner rider and only trained enough for the 25 mile ride. Since then, I have lost 20 pounds and now ride about 40 miles a week. I am planning on gradually increasing my miles until I can ride a 60 mile event. I also work in swimming and strength training twice a week. I have a renewed commitment to being healthy since my mom passed. She told me before she passed that it made her happy when I took time for myself whether it was working out or fishing. Since cancer runs in my family, I plan to continue riding and becoming healthier. My wife and kids come to this ride with me to support me and remember my mom.

What is one thing you'd say about Mamma Jamma to convince a friend or family member to join you in the ride?

I would harp on the fact that it is a great cause that is supported by passion people. This shows by what I consider the attention to detail through the communication process way before the ride and continuing after the ride. I have participated in a few rides now and by far, Texas Mamma Jamma is my favorite.


Pictured from left to right: Larry Mosley (uncle), Kara Wynn (daughter), Carla Wynn (wife), Darius Wynn (son), Danny Wynn

By Christian Mariano, Communications Intern