Fundraising Tips & Tools

Every dollar you raise helps fund critical programs and services for people fighting and surviving breast cancer in Central Texas.  Use these tips and share your personal connection to the Mamma Jamma cause and soon you’ll have met, and exceeded, your fundraising goal.

Start Now

There's no time like the present – the sooner you start, the more you can raise!

Ask Everyone. Really.

Think about the people you know – friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, classmates, et al. Any of them can be prospective donors and you’ll find many have a personal connection to the cause.

Aim High

Go beyond the $300 minimum and set a fundraising goal that seems just a little out of reach. A $1,000 or more lets you strut a Big Wig jersey. If your team raises $10,000 or more, you’ll have a Team Tent on Ride Day. And, most importantly, reaching higher provides even more support to your friends and neighbors fighting and surviving breast cancer.


Give to Yourself, Even Monthly

Lead by example by being your first donor. Set up a recurring, monthly donation using your credit card. It’s an easy way to meet your minimum and shows your donors your personal commitment to the cause.

Set Up Your Fundraising Page & Tell Your Story

Your Mamma Jamma Participant Page, includes your own web page to tell your story. Customize it with pictures and regular updates to your riding progress. 

Make it Personal

Talk about your connection to the cause and why you’re inspired to ride. Share “Why Donate” infographic and help donors see the difference they make at every giving level.

Thank Donors and Share Your Adventures

Update your donors on your fundraising and riding progress. Your enthusiasm is inspiring and they just might increase their donation.

Get Social

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, whatever it is you do, social media is a great way to attract and engage your donors. Post photos, videos, updates and public thank you’s create a buzz and keep your Mamma Jamma ride top of mind with your networks. Be sure to tag Mamma Jamma when you post!

Ask Again

It’s okay to ask more than once.  We all get busy and sometimes just need a reminder.

Matching Gifts

Check whether your employer has a matching gift program and remind your donors to apply for matching gifts from their companies.

Host an Event

Special events can be a great way to raise money.  Some fun, low-key events where donors can learn more about the Mamma Jamma Ride:

  • Host a dinner party: Collect donations and entertain at the same time.

  • Garage Sale: Donate the proceeds to the ride.  You could even make it a team sale.

  • Bake Sale:  Hold a bake sale at your garage sale, work, school, or other function.

  • Loose Change: Collect spare change in a jar or box – it adds up.

  • Happy Hours: Many restaurants, bars and breweries will donate a percentage of sales during off-peak times.

  • Outdoor Movie Night: Host an outdoor movie night for your friends; borrow or rent a projector and ask your friends to donate to your cause for admission

  • Spin-off: Host an office spin-off and have your co-workers compete on stationary bikes for distance and donations.

  • Trivia Game Night: Host a trivia game night fundraiser; contact Geeks who Drink regarding proceeds at one of their pub quiz events.

  • Lunch & Learns/Brown Bag: Mamma Jamma representatives are available to join you for presentations at lunch & learns and staff meetings at your company to recruit other riders and spread the word about Mamma Jamma.

  • Be creative: Use your talents!  Do you make jewelry or art? Create some cycling-inspired pieces. If you teach yoga or self-defense, consider holding classes to benefit your cause.

Little Things – They Add Up!

  • Put Mamma Jamma posters up at work, businesses you frequent, your gym, etc.

  • Add a short sentence to your email signature with a link to your personal fundraising page.

  • Update your voicemail message.  This will alert everyone who calls you that you’re up to something special! Let them know that you need their support!

Have Fun!

We are very serious about fighting breast cancer. The Texas Mamma Jamma Ride is also about having fun. The combination of having fun and having a huge, positive impact on people fighting breast cancer will be a very empowering and rewarding experience for you. 

We're Here to Help

Contact us at for additional information.



+ How do I keep up with the latest news about Texas Mamma Jamma Ride?

Like and follow Mamma Jamma on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn) for all the latest news and updates.

+ What if a donor gives me a check?

Please mail the donation, along with a completed Offline Donation Form for each check, to Texas Mamma Jamma Ride, PO Box 302106, Austin TX 78703. If the donor made the check out to your name, you may sign the check over to Texas Mamma Jamma Ride prior to mailing it in by writing "Pay to the order of Texas Mamma Jamma Ride" in the endorsement area on the back of the check along with your signature. Upon receipt of the donation and Offline Donation Form, we will credit the donation to your fundraising page.

+ Is it safe to mail in cash?

No. It is not safe to mail in cash If you get a cash donation, please contact Marion at and arrange delivery of the donation, along with the Offline Donation Form, to the Ride Office.

+ Are all donations tax deductible?

Yes. Texas Mamma Jamma Ride is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization and all donations to Texas Mamma Jamma Ride are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by the law.

+ Will my donors get a tax receipt?

A tax receipt is sent to every donor who makes a gift online to your fundraising page. Additionally, at the end of each calendar year, tax receipts are mailed sent to every individual whose donation exceeds $250. For any donation of $250 or less the canceled check or credit card statement are sufficient for the IRS. Texas Mamma Jamma Ride will provide a tax receipt to any donor upon request.

+ Can someone donate a car, truck, RV, motorcycle or boat?

Yes! Mamma Jamma accepts vehicle donations and proceeds are credited to the fundraiser who got the donation once the vehicle is sold. Learn more and get started via CARS.

+ Do I get credit for gifts made to me on Facebook?

When fundraising on Facebook and other social media channels, be sure to always use your personal fundraising URL. Fundraiser and donor information is not provided by Facebook. Social media is a great way to raise money; as long as you use your fundraising URL.

+ What is the Texas Mamma Jamma Ride Tax ID Number?

Our Tax ID Number is 27-3831103.