Create Your Mamma Jamma Dream Team

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Support the cause – together!

You can start a team with family, friends, colleagues, or just a group of people who want to get to know each other while supporting a great cause. Teams are a great way to enjoy a little friendly competition, foster community and camaraderie within your company or group, and to share the ride experience with people you care about. Your team can include riders of all different skill levels with each team member riding the distance that is right for them.

It’s Easy!

  1. Click the button below and select: Create a New Team

  2. Complete your personal registration

  3. Invite friends, family, co-workers to join

  4. Train together at the fully-supported Mamma Jamma Training Rides

  5. Brainstorm with your teammates fun ways to reach fundraising goals. Check out Fundraising Tips and Tools for ideas!

Have a blast together on Ride Day!

Need Help? Here’s a useful guide on how to manage your team fundraising page. 

Have Fun with Your Team Name

Come up with a team name that is fun and unique! Some past team names include:

  • Team #savethenipple

  • Titti Babies

  • Save Second Base

  • Beer & Boobs


Team FAQs

+ What is a team?

A team is great way for a group of two or more individuals to share their Texas Mamma Jamma Ride experience. In addition to the individual profile pages, a separate team profile page allows you to highlight your team roster and your team story.

+ How do I create a team?

You are able to create a team during the registration process. If you want to create a team after you've registered, contact Mamma Jamma Executive Director Marion Martin at and she will create your team and make you team captain.

+ Can I change the name of my team?

Yes, the Team Captain can change the name of their team in their dashboard. Please contact Classy Support if you experience problems.

+ How can I join a team?

You are able to join a team during the registration process. If you want to join a team after you've registered, head to your fundraising dashboard.

+ How can I invite someone to join my team?

You can invite someone to join your team from your Rider dashboard.

+ Can a virtual rider join a team?

Yes! Teams can consist of cyclists and virtual riders.

+ Does everyone on my team have to ride the same distance?

No, each rider can ride any distance he/she wishes.

+ What is the fundraising requirement for team members?

To be eligible to ride on Ride Day, each rider on a team is responsible for raising the required minimum of $300.

+ What are the advantages of being on a team?

A team can provide support, helping you overcome any fears you might be experiencing. Your teammates can motivate you to train (especially on those mornings when you want to sleep in!), and they can help you achieve your fundraising goal.

+ Can someone donate to a team?

Yes. If a donor doesn’t specify a rider on the team, the donation is credited to the Team Captain. The collective amount raised by every rider on the team, makes up the total fundraising for the team.

+ What about Corporate Teams?

Lots of workplaces have teams of their own! Joining a team with your colleagues can be a fun outlet for employee engagement and fitness. Corporate teams may also have a corporate matching gifts program available to help them achieve fundraising goals.

+ Does Mamma Jamma offer on-site info sessions?

Yes! Representatives from Mamma Jamma are available to give presentations at staff meetings, brown bag lunch gatherings, or afterwork happy hours.

+ Are there incentives for team fundraising?

Teams that raise $10,000 or more get a designed team tent on Ride Day. Team tents provide a great place to gather, take photos and share the Mamma Jamma Ride Day experience. Additionally, the team that raises the most money each year is honored the annual Bucks to Beneficiaries event in December.

+ Can teams take part in the Mamma Jamma training rides?

Yes! Team Captain should encourage their riders to participate in the fully-supported training rides that Mamma Jamma offers in the summer leading up to Ride Day. Find the Training Ride schedule here and on Facebook. Training rides provide great opportunities for teams to ride together and build team spirit.

+ Are there best practices from other Team Captains?

There is an exclusive Team Captain Facebook Group just for captains to share team, rider and fundraising best practices, tips and tricks.

+ How do I keep up with the latest news about Texas Mamma Jamma Ride?

Like and follow Mamma Jamma on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn) for all the latest news and updates.