Kristin McCollam: Rider Profile

My name Kristin McCollam and I’m a 9-year breast cancer survivor!  After 28 years in a large corporation, I was able to retire about 2 years ago.  This new phase of life has as allowed my partner and I to travel extensively as well as spend more time with our families.  It’s also allowed me to focus more on my health through exercise, reading, stress management and cooking.  I ride & fundraise to give back to the organizations that were crucial to my being where I am today. 

The Breast Cancer Resource Centers (BCRC) newly diagnosed and Pink Ribbon Cowgirls groups both allowed me to meet (and commiserate with) others on a similar journey.  From there, I found out about the Sustainable Food Centers after cancer cooking class.  The class itself was a great and surprisingly I found myself with several of the folks that were in the same BCRC class.  

Backing up a bit, during one of the BCRC newly diagnosed sessions, Team Survivor (TS) presented on their program and its offerings to help survivors get active and suggested the possibility of doing a triathlon.  At the time, I thought a triathlon was crazy.  I didn’t do triathlons before I got sick, why would I do them now?  

About 6 months after my treatment, I decided to join TS.  What a great group!  So very encouraging and helpful.  TS taught me how to ride a bike again (it had been 25 years).  They also go me in the pool to dust off my swimming skills and what do you know… I did my first triathlon!  

Thanks to TS, I followed that initial triathlon with four more and am currently very active in cycling, swimming and in Camp Gladiator.

I ride to enable Mamma Jamma Ride (MJR) beneficiaries to continue to provide local services to those affected by breast cancer in Central Texas.  I view the MJR as a one-stop-shop to help me give back to all three + a few more.

Learn more about Kristin's journey on the Breast Cancer Resource Center blog here.

Marion Martin