Lindsey Brister: Rider Profile

Resilience is defined as the capacity to recover quickly; toughness. Many words accurately represent the Mamma Jamma riders; toughness and resilience are apt descriptors of rider Lindsey Brister. As a two-time breast cancer survivor and a first-grade teacher, Lindsey is as tough to keep down as any prize champion fighter.

Who or what drives your ride?

Last year, a close family friend introduced me to the Mamma Jamma Ride. When I heard his description of the ride and its mission, I was inspired. I had been riding casually with a friend for about 10 years as a way to keep healthy and active, so Mamma Jamma seemed like a great way to engage in my love of riding while also getting to air my competitive side a little bit!  As a two-time breast cancer survivor, Mamma Jamma is not only a healthy and fun way for me to keep active, but it also helps me to give back to so many who are going through what I’ve been through. Ever since I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I’ve had a wonderful and huge support system surrounding me and my family. As moved as I was by the love and support displayed after my first diagnosis, when I faced a devastating second diagnosis in 2017, that support system grew and rallied into “Lindsey’s Army”. I was humbled and deeply moved at such a show of support for my daughter and I at the race. I count it a huge blessing that I am healthy enough to ride, and the creation of “Lindsey’s Army” exemplified one of the big reasons I love to ride--we are all in this together.


What about the Mamma Jamma Ride makes riding a valuable experience?

Although this is the first charity ride I’ve been a part of, I think that what sets Mamma Jamma apart from other rides is that they really take care of their riders. When I rode last year by myself, I was blown away at the level of organization and seamlessness of the whole event. I enjoyed being able to meet so many new and delightful people, and being able to observe the well-oiled machine that Mamma Jamma is. As wonderful and fun and organized as the ride is, the cold spa towel at the of the ride is what really sold Mamma Jamma for me!


Do you have any advice on fundraising or participating in the ride for those who are first time riders?

I think it’s important to be vulnerable and share your story. In the process of inspiring others to give or even to participate in the ride, you just never know who you’re going to touch personally with your cancer journey experiences. It’s important to know your ‘why’ - why you ride and what you ride for. I have found that utilizing your social media accounts can be very helpful in sharing your story!


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I was born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, just a few hours south of Seattle. What brought me to Texas, specifically Waxahachie, was college. After I attended college I ended up staying in the area and building a life here, for which I have no regrets! I sure miss the beauty of WA state, but I have made the best of friends that have become family. I work at Life School Red Oak Elementary where I teach first grade. I absolutely love what I do, I love to teach and I love my kiddos.

Coffee is a big staple in my life, that first sip of cold brew gets me every time. I’d like to think I’m an avid reader but let's be honest, I have a stack of about 6 books on my nightstand just waiting for me to read them. Thunder storms and cool weather are my favorite, and volunteering at my church and (of course) cycling are pretty significant parts of my life.

 I have one daughter, Olivia. She is eight years old and my biggest fan. Olivia hasn’t developed the love for riding a bike just yet, but I’m working on her.  

Tell us a little bit about your experiences riding and fundraising as a team member. 

I have a team! I’m super pumped about sharing this ride with a great group of individuals who have been so supportive! Last year I rode solo, so my goal for this year was to inspire some friends to ride with me and it worked! Several months ago, we formed The Rack Pack, and we have been taking every opportunity we get to ride together. We have been training together on the weekends, and we join club rides here and there. For fundraising, we have found social media as our best and biggest platform to raise funds. I’m really looking forward to my team experiencing the Mamma Jamma Ride for the first time, like I got to last year. Each of my team members has someone for whom they are riding for, which makes the ride that much more special.


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By Alex Keefe, Communication Intern


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